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RAE P JAE | Aerialist

I've had the privilege to train with the Super-Duper- Lovely Chloé over the course of more than 4+ years and for each training period, I've never wanted to depart from her!

She has educated me in many different aspects of circus, not just as an artist, but also as a coach. Her core coaching principles caters to each individual and I highly respect her belief of safety and injury-free techniques and know-how to keep your body safe.
She has helped to develop our Bangkok Circus Space; Karasvic and spread the word to international circus artists that travel to Thailand and need a space to train.

Chloé has so much to give and has a warm & kind heart! Not only is she a circus trainer that artists from around the world want to train with, she is a dear friend as well!

Love U so Much Chloe!


In 2018 we trained with Chloe to renovate our flying pole act and she was absolutely fantastic. She is an all round expert, able to advise on both the technical and artistic aspects of an act. She has many years of experience in the circus industry so was able to help us create something suitable for the market we were aiming for. 

She has a very organised approach so each training we achieved new goals. And while the sessions were very focused she always maintained a fun and enthusiastic energy making the sessions enjoyable.

Beyond being a really wonderful coach Chloe is a warm, caring person and it was a pleasure to work with her. 


I first met Chloe when she travelled to Las Vegas to work with her students living in the USA.  I had not met a coach that I wanted to train with in a very long time but after only a few minutes of watching Chloe work with her students I knew that she was the coach I had been looking for. I would describe Chloe as an insightful coach with a deep understanding of aerial technique and skills. In our lessons she quickly recognized the areas where my technique needed correcting.

She then provided me with great progressions to help me improve old skills and develop new ones utilizing techniques that foster a healthy acrobatic body and minimize the risk of injury.

I have learned a ton from Chloe, but what I find most striking about her coaching is her investment in the relationship she creates with her students and the joyous attitude she brings to circus training.


Chloe Farah is a phonomenal coach. She has been instrumental in my development as a professional aerialist and I would gladly travel half way across the world to work with her. Her style of teaching makes me feel so comfortable and gives me the courage to try new things. If you ever have the chance to train with her, don’t pass it up! 


Instagram: @aislingchellaigh