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LEAH JONES | Aerial rope and Straps

Working with Chloe has transformed my relationship to straps in every conceivable way.

Chloe is the person who made me love straps. Not for what I wanted it to be or dreamed it to be, but for what it is. She made me love the drudgery of training day in and day out. She made me love the movement patterns and the technical precision. She made me love the profound and relentless work and focus that straps entails. She made me love confronting my weaknesses. She held me (and continues to hold me) to the highest standard, and made me love continually trying to reach for it.


Chloe gave me the knowledge to understand the mechanics of my movement patterns and to analyze my technique critically. She knew when to push my body (and brain) and when to hold off- for a day, a week, or months- to optimize my rate of progression. She gave me the tools, mentally and physically, to train myself safely and efficiently when I wasn't on her careful watch.

Additionally, Chloe is both an incredible athletic coach and an incredible artistic coach. She is endlessly creative and derives her inspiration from her artists, which makes for a deeply rewarding creative process. Perhaps most importantly, Chloe believed in me. And I can say with absolutely certainty that I would never have pushed myself to dedicate my life to straps without her unwaivering faith in me and her foundational support.

Oh, and one more with Chloe is fun!

Chloe is one of the most vivacious, fun-loving and passionate people I have ever met, and her laughter is contagious. While this point might seem like an addendum, I have found that, like all athletic disciplines, straps is 99% process.


Studying with Chloe has made that process equal parts rewarding, challenging and absolutely delightful. 

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